Joost Heijkoop is a passionate software craftsman working for Xebia and meetup organiser, always looking to learn, share, teach and meet new people.

Use cypress to accelerate your E2E testing
The people from have created this new tool for testing from the browser’s perspective. Its goal is to fix the things that slow down your development cycle with most (Selenium based) tools out there. I will show you the the amazing development speed up we experienced, when migrating from Protractor and integrating it in our docker based CI pipeline. Furthermore I will explore the offering has to give you.
18.00 uur Ontvangst en eten
18.30 uur Korte introductie
18.40 uur Java 9 door Bas de Vos
19.20 uur “WARNING: NO CODE !” door Dennie Bastiaan
20.00 uur Use cypress to accelerate your E2E testing door Joost Heijkoop
20.30 uur Afsluiting en borrel
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